Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale Is Kicking Off, Up to 90% Off!
What dose 11.11 mean in your mind? Singles’ Day? From where Newchic stands, 11.11 is a fantastic promotion feast for customers around the world, the biggest shopping festival ever! The benefits from Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale are not for the single only but for everyone! What customers of Newchic deserve on this lovely day? That would be hot flash deals and coupons of highest denominations, which is even up to 90% off in total! Single or not, in the Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale, buying is earning!
Coupons up to 50% off, be fast! Buy more, save more!
Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale
Surprising prices in flash sales! $8.99 for a gathering bra? $18.99 for a vintage long dress? Or $15.99 for a high quality shirt? Have a guest first.
Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale
Exclusive benefits are waiting for you! Such as special gifts for the fastest customers and $20 gift cards for the lucky winners among whose orders are over $111.
Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale
Buy the favorite outfit in bundle sale with much lower prices! Great recommendations, great taste!
Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale
Find the carefully selected items in the everything is under $9.99 zone. You will feel the sincerity of Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale.
 Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale

What’s more, there are many other eye-catching highlights in the Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale. Free shipping for certain products, less than half prices for the women’s clothing and men’s clothing, double discount for the winter shoes like boots… Now start your treasure seeking experience in Newchic~
Question: How much will I spend exactly if my $ 112 order is one of the fastest ten in the Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale?
Answer: If I have grab the 50% off discount first: $112 * 50% = $56
If I am one of the Lucky winners of the $20 gift card: $56 – $20 = $36
(gift card can’t be used for this order though)
And I am the winner of the $10 gift:  $36 – $10 = $26
Then the final price is equal to $26! I can own products of $112 with just $26! Single or not, I don’t care anymore!

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  1. wow ma quante offerte ci mostri oggi? non saprei cosa scegliere i costi poi son a dir poco favolosi, sei una tentatrice.

  2. Ne approfitterò per provare questo sito, però aspetto l'11 e nel frattempo metto in lista!

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