Risultati immagini per pacco spedizione
Hi everyone! Today I am going to suggest you many ways to track your online orders. When you order something online, there are some possibilities that your pack may get lost, and this happens especially when the delivery starts from a place which isn't exactly near yours. I am from Italy, and when I get something from China, or USA, for example, I want to make sure that my order will get here safely and in time: this is why I think it's important to use a Order Tracking website, both if you are a buyer or a seller. By using this, you will be able to track your pack, and you will notice a lot of supported couriers !

You just have to write your number order, select your carrier and..voilà! Your order will be tracked in a few seconds. This way you can relax and get sure your pack will get home in time and without problems. Risultati immagini per pacco spedizione
If you are looking, instead, for a tracker for individual users, and this means you are a buyer and not a seller, you should give a look to Tracktry URL , which is a universal parcel tracking. Here you can track packages from USPS, DHL, China Post, Canada Post, and many more couriers! You have to write your number order, and select your carrier, which is not obligatory, because you can also use the 'autodetect mode', and the website will detect automatically your carrier. In a few seconds you will be able to track your packages!

Risultati immagini per pacco spedizione
Did you take a look at those efficient packages tracking services? I am sure that, once you discover them, you will use it daily, in order to make sure your package will get to your home safely and in time. All these online services are free and fast. In a few second, by writing your number order, and selecting you carrier, you will have a complete schedule of your packaging movement. 

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