How to Create the Perfect Summer Birthday Outfit

The number one rule for your birthday is that everything revolves around you. Whether you throw a party, grow to a restaurant, or book a weekend getaway, it’s all in your honor!

This means you have the opportunity-nay, the OBLIGATION to look and feel fabulous! If your birthday falls in the summer, you’ll want to look your best without getting too hot. Keep reading to find that delicate balance between fashion and comfort on your favorite day of the year.

1. Select Your Fabrics Wisely

It doesn't matter how stylish your clothes are. If you're sweaty and miserable, it'll show. That's why breathable fabrics are essential for those hot summer nights. When shopping for women's wholesale clothing, try to find pieces made of cotton or linen. If you prefer non-organic fabrics like polyester or rayon, make sure they are loose-fitting and easy to move in.

Choose Bright Colors

During the summer, women’s wholesale clothing stores flood with pastels, florals, and other bright colors. As you well know, these styles go perfectly with those clear skies, beach vacations, and themed family barbeques.

However, these bright colors aren’t just for the sake of aesthetics. Traditionally, dark colors like black and navy blue absorb heat quickly, while brighter colors reflect heat. For instance, choosing a white cotton shirt will leave you feeling much cooler than a black cotton shirt of the same design.


Let Loose While Staying Comfortable

Make sure to dress appropriately for the activity you’ve
If you’re going out on the town, feel free to wear a dress and heels that make you feel like a million bucks!

However, if you are going to the local zoo with your family, those same heels might not serve you as well.

Be sure to make your birthday plans at least a week in advance and take your time choosing an outfit that makes you feel beautiful yet comfortable. If you don't already have all the pieces you need, you can always check out a women’s wholesale clothing store and build a brand-new outfit yourself.

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