5 Ways to Wear Hoodies With Leggings and Still Look Fashionable

Nothing beats a cosy hoodie and a pair of leggings. Most women won’t disagree. And when you find that perfect hoodie, whether for yourself or your clothing business, wholesale hoodies will be your top search. You’ll want to stock up, so you’re never without them.

But how do you wear this combo and still look fashionable? Many think hoodies and leggings are for lazing around the house, not making a fashion statement. So, let’s look at how you can get that fashionable vibe.

Oversized Hoodie for Comfort

As many people believe hoodies with leggings are the epitome of comfort, let’s start with that. An oversized hoodie is perfect to put over a pair of leggings to be comfortable. After all, certain leggings need something longer to look good.

So, pairing leggings with a longer, baggy hoodie is perfect when you want to keep it simple and stress-free.

Zip-up Hoodie and Jacket to Layer

For a cool but casual look, wearing a zip-up hoodie underneath a jacket looks trendy. Try a denim or leather jacket; it’s perfect for spring weather. Plus, with leggings of your choice, you’ll also be comfortable.

This look is also perfect for a seasonal trend if you’re looking for the perfect hoodie style for your business. Everyone will want this look come spring, so women’s wholesale hoodies for the zip-up hoodie are a must!

Long and Tight to be Smart

We’ve put together the classic comfort look, but there is a way to make hoodies and leggings look smart. Opt for a long hoodie that is tighter and hugs your body. A simple hoodie in this style with plain leggings can create a fashionable and smart look.

Matching Hoodie and Leggings for a Statement

Matching on the top and the bottom is a big fashion statement, especially when your hoodie and leggings aren’t plain and simple. Putting together a patterned hoodie and legging is bold but can look great.

This is also a big trend and perfect for anyone with a clothing brand. More and more people want to make a statement with their outfits, so buy matching wholesale women’s hoodies and leggings and give them what they want.

Cropped Hoodie for Gym-Goers

If you love going to the gym, the cropped hoodie with a pair of workout leggings is a highly fashionable look. It tells the world you’re confident and ready for a great workout.

But with this look, you need more than one hoodie if you’re at the gym almost every day. Women’s wholesale hoodies are perfect for those who quickly work their way through clothes. It’s easily done when you’re wearing a hoodie and sweating through it most days.

The Fashionable Takeaway

Hoodies and leggings work together in more ways than one. So, no matter what fashion look you’re going for, there’s a combo perfect for you. And when you find that perfect hoodie to go with your favourite pair of leggings or for your cloth

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