How To Wear a Mini Dress for Over 40s

Have you ever seen a cute short dress that you would love to wear but was too short? You can still purchase it as there are solutions to this problem. On certain occasions, you can wear it as it is. Also, there is too much you can do with a beautiful mini dress in various instances.

Wear Boots or Flat Shoes

The higher the hem, the shorter the heel of your shoe should be. Low heel shoes, flats, or boots will make your fabulous mini dress from wholesale dresses appear less short. The idea works even more perfectly when your tights and footwear are the same color. Consider pairing black tights with low heel black boots to ensure no color draws attention to your short hemline or legs.
Wear The Mini Dress Over Skinnies If you don't like to show your knees, you can wear your short dress over pants. Add on a belt; it will offer your dress structure and create a new silhouette that goes in and out. You can opt for

cropped skinny jeans. They are comfortable and easy to combine with longer tops in summer and spring.

Layer A Long Sweater with A Mini Dress

Another way of offsetting the short length is putting on a long cardigan over a mini dress. Cardigans give a traditional look while softening the sexy look of a mini dress. Additionally, putting on a sweater a bit longer than your dress creates an illusion of length. However, remember that too much variation in length will emphasize how short your dress is if your sweater has a contrasting color to your dress.
Consider The Entire Dress

Your mini dress might be short but has long sleeves and a high neckline; thus, it isn't that revealing. On the other hand, if the mini dress has a scoop or V -neckline, short sleeves, or is sleeveless, it might feel too bare.

Wear Leggings with A Mini Dress

For a mini dress that is of tunic style, straight shirtless, or flowy, you can always put it on with leggings. However, it's not a great idea to wear leggings with a short dress that tapers too much at the bottom. You will want your mini dress to appear like a long top over leggings and not a short dress over leggings. A particular type of dress that always appear fabulous with leggings is a mini sweater dress.
Put On Opaque or Semi-Opaque Tights

Mini dresses are easier to wear during winter and fall since you can create an illusion of a longer hemline by wearing opaque, black, or semi-opaque tights. Consider wearing a dark green short dress from wholesale dresses with black tights. No one will notice your hemline, unlike if you wear sheers, stockings, or bare legs.

Finding a way to wear a mini dress over the 40s requires a little trial and error, but it can always work. Thus if you have a mini dress hanging in your closet that you no longer wear or saw cute mini dresses you would love to purchase at wholesale dresses in bulk, go ahead and incorporate these ideas. You may be surprised by the results. It's now time to rock in that mini dress.

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