What are some of the best yoga clothes for women in 2023?


Practicing yoga is definitively a very fulfilling activity to do, not only mentally but also physically. And to be able to practice it you’ll definitively be going to need some clothing pieces that don’t have to be specifically for yoga but that will allow you to practice it without any discomfort and that will give you lots of movement freedom too.


Most sports brands around, especially the ones known worldwide by everyone, offer and have specific yoga ranges, but the reality is that you can practice yoga with whatever workout clothing pieces that allow you to do the poses and of course that make you feel comfortable that your concentration is on the practice other than in worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions or discomfort they might cause.




For sure there are other brands that also offer yoga sets that are equally as good as the ones from known brands and also have amazingly good quality and sometimes even more benefits for you than those ones. One of these brands is Cosmolle. They are a brand claiming to be redefining self-care with underwear and wireless bras that they know you’ll love. But you are wondering why I’m telling you about a brand that says that underwear can offer amazing   Yoga right?


Well, they are not only an underwear brand. For sure they as a brand started as one comfortable bra was their main focus. The amazing sets, like their sports bra and shorts set, you can find at their store will for sure become your best friend while you are working out or practicing yoga.


As a brand, they believe that your comfort should come first and that self-care should be your daily ritual. This is why the underwear and bras they have created do just that, as well as their activewear. And by the way, they have even “sprinkled” the underwear with skincare ingredients so the self-care you practice is complete.


They believe that bras should be comfortable and noticed that usually women tend to compromise comfort over looking good. We should validate our feelings as in the end the real and most important validation we can get, will come from within, from ourselves. Of course, this is not only something that specifically happens with bras, but they are the first layers we wear and the first thing that will cause discomfort.



This is why they won’t compromise on comfort, no matter if it’s bras, activewear, or underwear… and have unique designs and used advanced fabric technology to offer you comfort you have never experienced.


And they are not just an underwear brand. For them, people matter. This means that they celebrate the diversity of body types, shapes, colors, sizes, ages, and of course, lifestyles. They have a culture of diversity and inclusivity where you feel you are represented.


And our earth matters too. A key component of their brand is sustainability. They believe that if they create products with great quality and that is durable, you won’t be needing to buy them all the time, which is not only great for the environment but also for your wallet.


The shorts and sports bra set they offer has been made of a breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretchy buttery soft performance fabric that will keep you comfortable and dry. It will feel like a second skin, and it’s been made out of recycled nylon which is an eco-comfy fabric. It has a versatile racer-back it and a V-neck, which provides a shockproof effect and supports your chest area. And the performance fabrics in the shorts also provide a built-in butt lift.

And their long sleeve legging set is also made out of buttery soft performance fabric, which is breathable, stretchy, moisture-wicking, and with a unique texture. Thanks to this, you’ll be comfortable and dry while working out.  The recycled nylon fabric that it is made of is eco-comfy and will feel like a second skin to you. There’s no front seam and will for sure be an anti-camel toe. It has a ruched seam that will give you a very nice butt-lifting effect. Has a scooped neckline, which is very classic and it also allows versatile styling. The sleeves have thumbholes that were designed to keep them in place.


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